2017 Gallery

People’s Choice Award 2017

Sponsored by ArtSea Community Arts Council

“Solitude – Long Beach” by Kirsten T.O. Sheffield

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Other close contenders included:

“Little Ballerinas: by Clement Kwan

“Sea Fog Rolls into Silent Forest” by Phillipa Hudson

“Finito Mundi” by John Robertson

“Berg Lake” by Sarah Boileau


 The prize winners for the Sidney Fine Art Show 2017 are:

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Best in Show

Sponsored by Re/Max Victoria:

“Jazz for the Lonely” by Russell Treloar

Best Work- Master’s Category

Sponsored by Red Art Gallery:

“Invitation” by Catherine Moffat

Show Designer’s Choice

Sponsored by Mary Winspear Centre:

“Knotty Afternoon at the Bistro” by Don Bastian

Jurors Choice Harold Allanson

Sponsored by Jack Barker:

“Hanging Around” by Deborah Tilbey


Sponsored by Live Young Medical:

“Round One” by Carol Koebbeman

Jurors Choice Michelle Jacques

Sponsored by Live Young Medical:

“Concealment” by Debbie Katz

Sponsored by Jack Barker:

“Beyond the Trees” by Nancy Slaght

Best Photograph/Photo-Based Media

Sponsored by ArtSea Community Arts Council:

“Tongli 9” by Ian Faulks

Best Work on Paper or Under Glass

Sponsored by The Market Stores:

“Quest for Light” by Sandhu Singh

Best Work on Canvas or Board

Sponsored by Island Blue Art Store:

“Falcon + Friendship”” by Deborah Tilbey

Best 3-Dimensional

Sponsored by ArtSea Community Arts Council:

“Peace & Freedom” by Karen Lancey

Colin Graham Award for Innovative Work

Sponsored by Victoria Airport Authority:

“Raven & the Eyes of Stolen Children” by Kathleen Rose Sears

Juror’s Choice Mike Svob

Sponsored by Ian C. Morley Law Corporation:

“Who’s Watching Who? Serval Cat” by Sharon Lennox

“Trapezoid with Anvil” by Stan Oglov



Birgit Freybe Bateman ”Doll in Ice”

Birgit Freybe Bateman  ”Doll in Snow ”

Sarah Boileau ”Berg Lake

Colin E. Bowley  ”The Monterey Fish Co.”

Heather Corbitt ”Wisteria”

Mark Cramer ”A Moment of Reflection”

Robert Dalton ”Undersea Garden”

Sherley Gordon Edey  ”Unbroken”

Ron Gellatly  ”Neopolitan Swirl”

Jonathen Gleed  ”Herew of al Places”

Alan Hopper ”Reflection #9”

Elaine Hughes ”Maligne Lake Revisited”

Shelley Lewis ”Summoning the Sun”

Peter Loebel ”Melanie”

Peter Loebel ”Arunima”

John Robertson ”Finito Mundi”

Karin Schieber ”Ancient Wisdom”

Maureen Stringer ”Bar del Hoyo #19″

Mike Wooding ”Pileated Woodpecker”