Artist FAQ

Q. How do I enter?

Under the artist tab on this website you will find a description of the process, the Call to Artists, the Submission Guidelines, and an entry form. You can either fill the entry form online by typing into the blanks, or you can print it and fill it in with a pen. Please be legible! Mail your entry form to the address indicated along with a cheque to pay for the entry fees of $16.00 per piece, maximum three pieces. You do not have to identify your pieces, nor send a picture. Your work is identified when you bring it in for adjudication.
There is a PayPal option for those of you who wish to pay online. Fill out the form and follow the links to pay.

Q. Do you need digital images of the work?

No. All the entries are brought in for physical adjudication in September.

Q. I am a woodworker, jeweler, potter, textile artist – can I enter my work?

Yes! All mediums are accepted for adjudication.

Q. Where do I get more information about submission guidelines?

Please review them on the website, under the Artist tab.

Q. What is the deadline for entries?

We MUST receive your entry by July 13, 2018 at 3:00 pm. either to our mailbox or to Tulista Park in Sidney. Late entries will not be accepted this year.

Q. What happens after I have sent my entry?

You will receive confirmation via email when your entry has been received. You will also receive in the mail, by mid-August, a package including further instructions for adjudication and an Art Identification Form, one for each paid entry.

Q. When is adjudication?

The art must be dropped off on Sunday September 9, between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm to the Mary Winspear Centre, 2243 Beacon Ave., Sidney It must be “show ready” – framed, clean and dry – and each piece must have a completed Art Identification Form. Adjudication then takes place Monday and Tuesday, and the art must be picked up again between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm on Wednesday, September 12.

Q. How does adjudication work?

Our three jurors each in turn view each piece and score it. Based on scoring, they will look at pieces again as a jurying team and finalize their decisions. Prizes winners are then selected.

Q. Is framing important?

Absolutely – Professional presentation can make all the difference during adjudication and can make or break a sale.

Q. My pieces are in limited editions. Can I sell them all at the Show?

No – the jurors may accept the work you submit for this Show; this can be part of a limited edition – a maximum of twenty-five. Only work exhibited in the Show can be sold. We encourage you to provide three copies of the bios for our “Artist Binders” where potential clients can find out more about your work and whether you have copies available.

Q. What prizes are there and what are they?

We have prizes for Best In Show, Best Work on paper or under glass, Best Work on canvas or board, Best 3-dimensional Work, Best Work in a photographic medium, Most Innovational Work, Show Designer’s Choice, People’s Choice and six Jurors’ Choice awards.

Q. Can you tell me anything about pricing my work?

Our minimum price is $350. We do not adjust the price you have entered on the entry form.

Q. What do I have to pay if my work is accepted into the Show?

The display fees are $37 per piece.

Q. If my work is accepted when do I bring it in?

The drop-off for the Show is Tuesday, October 9 (the Tuesday after the Thanksgiving weekend) from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm to the Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney, the same place as for adjudication.

Q. What if my work sells?

If your work sells at the show you will receive a telephone call from the sales desk during the show. We charge a 20% commission on sold work.

Q. What if my work doesn't sell?

We ask that you pick up your unsold pieces on Sunday, October 14  after 5:30 pm until 7:00. Don’t come earlier: 5:00 to 5:30 pick up is reserved for purchasers.

Q. What about taxes?

If you are one of the few who is registered for GST, we ask that you put your GST number on the entry form and include GST in your price. You then are responsible for remitting the GST to Canada Revenue Agency. PST is added at the sales desk and is remitted directly by us to tax department. Commission is calculated on pre-tax price.

Q. If a show visitor contacts me directly during the Show, or as a result of seeing the piece at the Show, can I sell it myself?

Of course – but our Show costs are very high and we rely on the integrity of the participating artists to comply with the Show guidelines. We provide the gallery setting for your work and spend an incredible amount on advertising costs. In the past we have had several artists who sold their work afterwards to clients who had seen their work during the Show and they forwarded on the commission portion to us. We very much appreciate that support.

Q. Who is invited to Opening Night?

Every artist whose work is in the Show is invited to the Prize Ceremony in the Charlie White Theatre at Mary Winspear, beginning sharp at 7:00 pm. The artist can bring one guest. While we would love you to be able to bring more guests, we are limited by the size of the theatre. Come early to ensure you get a seat. Patrons and Sponsors are invited to a Reception at 5:30 (See the Patron and Sponsor section of this website for more information) and volunteers are invited for 8:00 pm when the Gallery opens for the artists as well.

Q. What happens at the Meet the Artists Night on Saturday evening?

Meet the Artists provides an opportunity for artists to meet other artists, patrons and potential clients, and to talk about their work. There will also be artist demonstrations that evening – so if you would like to demonstrate at that time please let us know when you drop off your work for adjudication.

Q. Can I demonstrate my work during the Show itself?

Absolutely. Please let us know if you would like to do that when you drop off your work at adjudication.

Q. Can I sell my cards or other merchandise during the Show?

We don’t have a gift gallery, so unfortunately, no additional merchandise can be sold.

Q. None of these responses fully answer my question and I need further information. Now what do I do?

Please contact us at [email protected]