The Entry Process, Adjudication, and the Show

Each artist completes an entry form for 1, 2 or 3 pieces of art in any medium (restrictions on size, etc. can be found in the submission guidelines) and an entry fee ($16/piece) is paid. The work does not have to identified at this point.

No digital images are required – all adjudication is done by looking at the artwork itself in September.

After the entry deadline is passed, each artist will receive in the mail a package including further instructions and 1, 2 or 3 Art Identification Forms (AID forms).

The AID forms are completed (one for each piece) and brought with the work to adjudication in September.

Each entry to the Sidney Fine Art Show is physically viewed during adjudication. This means that each piece is brought into Mary Winspear Centre in Sidney in September, retrieved later in adjudication week, then, if successful, is returned to Mary Winspear for display for the show in October.

After adjudication, each artist is notified by email if their piece(s) is accepted and display fees ($37/piece) are then due.

The work is then returned for the show and unsold pieces are picked up on Sunday evening of show weekend. If all an artist’s pieces sell, the artist is notified during the show and does not have to return to Mary Winspear.

Payment for sold pieces is forwarded to the artist within two weeks of the end of show, less 20% commission.

Please check the Artist FAQ tab for further information.