Patron & Sponsor FAQ

Q. What is the difference between Patrons and Sponsors?

Patrons are individuals or proprietorships who support the show through a direct donation to the Community Arts Council of the Saanich Peninsula, which produces the show. As a thank you, Patrons are invited to the Opening Night reception and the Prize Ceremony, and they receive three-day passes to the show. Patrons also receive a tax receipt from the CACSP for the full amount of the donation. Please see the Patron tab for more information.

Sponsors are corporate or business entities who would like to support the show. Revenue from our sponsors is used to fund the prizes awarded to the artists, and to underwrite Opening Night. In return for their donation, Sponsors receive recognition in the Sidney Fine Art Show print and web advertising, and during the prize ceremony on Opening Night. Sponsors also receive three-day passes and additional recognition depending on the level of the sponsorship. Please see the Sponsor tab for more information.

Q. Can I help with sponsorship-in-kind?

We are always looking for assistance with our expenses and recognize that our local merchants may not be able to offer direct financial aid, but can help us by reducing our expenses. We recognize our sponsors-in-kind in our show catalogue, on thank you posters displayed during the show, and on our website.

Q. Can I help in any other way?

Volunteers are critical to the success of the show: we need approximately 200 dedicated people who are willing to commit for a four-hour shift during adjudication in September or the show itself in October, or both. See the volunteer tab.

Also, if you would like to be involved throughout the year planning and organizing the Show, the Show Organizing Committee is always looking for people who would like to help. This assistance needs to be hands-on and results-oriented. Let us know if you would be interested in this level of commitment at [email protected]

Q. How can I talk to someone about being a patron or a sponsor?

Email us at [email protected] with your question or phone number and we will get right back to you.