Each year approximately 200 volunteers join together to work on the Sidney Fine Art Show. With approximately 1,250 entries expected for adjudication, the Show is a huge project for a town the size of Sidney.

You can help!



Signing up is easy! We have a new online sign-up system that lists what roles and shifts are available; just tick the ones you want and you’re done!  You’ll receive an email confirming the shifts that you’ve volunteered for, as well as an email reminder approximately two weeks before your scheduled shifts. If something comes up and you’re no longer available at the times you’ve indicated, you can cancel or swap your shifts online.

Volunteers are needed for two main groups of activities for the Show:

1) Adjudication of artists’ submissions, September 9-12, 2018 and

2) Setting up and running the Show for the juried-in selections, October 9-14, 2018.

Job descriptions of positions available are outlined below and should help you decide what you’ll feel most comfortable doing.

To volunteer for the 2018 Sidney Fine Art Show, click HERE.

If you have any questions regarding the Show or need assistance registering, please contact the Volunteer Committee at [email protected]



  • Must have good understanding of all volunteer positions and how they fit into the whole process of preparing for and putting on the Sidney Fine Art Show.
  • Sign in volunteers and provide ID tags and white gloves, and ensure they are returned at shift end.
  • Help Greeter(s) in assisting volunteers and public during Intake, Art Pick Up and Show days.
  • Help provide instruction and ensure smooth running of all volunteer activities.
  • Provide personal assistance, support and relief where necessary to ensure that the overall process proceeds smoothly and efficiently.
  • Facilitate a smooth transition during shift changes.


NOTE:  It is preferable that the Kitchen Managers have their Food Safe certification, however this is not a requirement.

  • Ensure beverages (coffee, tea, water) are available for volunteers throughout the day.
  • In the morning, lay out fruit and breakfast items.
  • Pick up and put out lunch items about 11 am; restock as needed.
  • Put a few goodies out all day and keep restocking.

Keep the kitchen clean and tidy at all times.



  • Be present at the front doors to Mary Winspear Centre to provide a friendly welcome!
  • Direct people to the appropriate tables to unpack/pack and register.
  • Confirm that artists have their Art ID Forms (AID) ready before they proceed to the registration table.

Opening Night Reception

  • Some Greeters will be at the front doors to Mary Winspear Centre to welcome guests, check invitations, and direct sponsors, patrons and artists to the appropriate areas.
  • Some Greeters will be present at the entrance to the Charlie White Theatre to check in the sponsors, patrons and artists to the award ceremonies.
  • Some Greeters will be present at the entrance to Bodine Hall to welcome guests and hand out catalogues.

Show Dates

  • Welcome attendees and direct them to the ticket table.
  • Know the location of the jurors’ displays, Sales Desk, washrooms, etc. in order to answer questions from attendees.

Show Closing

  • Direct purchasers to Sales Desk and artists to room 2 for pick up of unsold art.


  • Assist artists as required to unpack or pack their pieces – ensure nothing falls etc. – however, do not interfere or take over to do it for them.
  • Keep the area clear of packing materials.
  • Remind artists to take their packing material home with them and bring it back during each pick-up day. 

RUNNERS (Artist Assistants)


NOTE:  Significant walking and lifting of art is required for the duration of all Runners shifts.


  • Work in lobby areas taking art to Artwork Crew in Bodine Hall and other display rooms.
  • Help the artists carry artwork to/from their vehicles if they need and request assistance.

Show Closing

  • Help purchasers and artists find work, check receipt with artwork number.
  • Escort purchasers and artists to exit door where a security volunteer will again match numbers.
  • Show them where they can pack up their work.



NOTE: Significant walking and lifting is required for the duration of all Artwork Crew shifts.


  • Prepare the rooms that will hold the artwork during adjudication.
  • Take artwork from Runners and arrange in numerical order for judging.
  • During the adjudication process, display artwork for the Jurors and afterwards keep artwork in numerical order.
  • During artwork pick-up, verify that ID number on the yellow Art ID Form (AID) copy agrees with number on pink AID copy to prevent errors.



  • Provide security at the 3D room doors to ensure no unnecessary people are in the room.
  • Ensure artwork and yellow Art ID Form (AID) copies stay together.


NOTE: This volunteer role requires attention to detail and accuracy. Orientation will be provided on Intake day. 


  • The information entered into the spreadsheets during art intake for Adjudication provides the basis for all other administrative steps in the adjudication process. Errors at the initial stage can lead to misplaced artwork, failure by artists to collect the work, potential liability claims for damages, and other risks.
  • Check that the information on the Art Identification Form (AID) is complete and accurate.
  • Enter required information on the spreadsheet provided.
  • Check that artwork is not damaged.
  • Confirm email contact addresses and remind the artist (or designate) of the pick-up time and date.
  • Attach the white copy of the AID to the original application form, the yellow copy to the artwork and return the pink copy to the artist. The pink copy is required to pick up the artwork at the end of the adjudication process.
  • Pass the artwork to a Runner for distribution to the appropriate room.


  • Check the artist’s AID forms against the adjudication records, confirm name and email address, and attach the envelope containing the appropriate title card to the art.
  • Return the pink copy of the AID form to the artist; the yellow copy goes with/or attaches to the back of the artwork.
  • Pass the art to a Runner who will then take the art to the Artwork Crew in the temporary collection room. 


NOTE: This volunteer role requires attention to detail and accuracy. Orientation will be provided on Pick Up day.


  • Check the artist’s pink copies of the AID form with the intake records, confirm name and email address, and direct the artists to Bodine Hall where the Artwork Crew will assist the artists to retrieve their artwork.
  • Remind artists to ensure the yellow copy of the AID remains on the artwork until they have received the results of the adjudication. If the artwork is accepted, the yellow copy must be attached to the piece for show intake.


  • Check the artist’s pink copies of the Art ID Form (AID) with spreadsheet information.
  • Ask the artist to initial the Pick Up (PU) column on the correct line of the spreadsheet for each piece they are picking up.
  • Out Recorder initials the pink copy to confirm that the artist has been to the out-take desk.
  • Direct the artists to the appropriate room where an Artwork Crew volunteer will help them locate their artwork.


NOTE: This is a standing job involving significant walking on hard floors, along with the lifting and handling of sometimes heavy pieces or the moving of plinths, for the duration of each shift.

  • During the Show set up, assist the Show Designer to arrange artwork on display panels and plinths in the Bodine Hall. Further information will be provided to volunteers by the Show Designer closer to the set up dates.


  • During the Show set up, attach correct title cards beside each piece to identify the title, artist, medium and price.
  • Create a map of the layout of all artwork so that individual pieces can be located during the Show.



  • After adjudication, double-check the artist’s copy of the AID against the AID number attached to the piece when art is picked up. 


  • After the Show, double check that the purchasers and the artists have received/retrieved the correct artwork.


  • Artists provide 3 copies of a one-page CV. Place each copy alphabetically into 3 accordion files. Once all the résumés have been collected, they will be inserted back to back in plastic sleeves and placed in 3 separate binders.


NOTE:  This job requires standing for the duration of each shift.

  • Check tickets and give out catalogues at the entrance door to Bodine Hall.
  • At the exit door, hand stamp visitors who wish to re-enter and ensure no one without a hand stamp enters.
  • On the floor with information clipboards, answer questions about where specific pieces of artwork are located.
  • Keep security in mind by observing.
  • Circulate and trade jobs as needed.


NOTE: Volunteers must be comfortable with credit card purchases, handling cash and giving correct change. 

  • Sell tickets to Show attendees at the entrance to Bodine Hall.
  • Answer questions about the Show from attendees. Details will be provided to volunteers upon their arrival. 


NOTE:  This job involves standing and lifting.  A vehicle is required. 

  • On the Monday morning following the Show, assist the Organizing Committee with removal of office and display items and transport of these items to storage areas.



Wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

There is no secure place to keep your handbag or jacket, so leave them in your vehicle or wear a waist pouch for your valuables. 

Be very careful with the artwork.  These are the artists’ best work submitted for judging, worthy of the best care possible. Be especially careful not to puncture the paper when holding or hanging paper-backed glass-covered 2D pieces.  And do not tip pastel paintings forward as some of the pastel particles may be dislodged when in that position.   

During the adjudication process, you may learn some of the judges’ decisions regarding specific pieces of art.  Please treat this information as highly confidential, and do not share this information with anyone else.  

Volunteer tags and white gloves for handling the art will be provided when you arrive.  Please return them when your shift is over. 

Don’t forget to take breaks during your shifts.  Sit down and rest a bit.  Coffee, water, sandwiches and other refreshments will be provided.

If you are having problems or are confused about your assignment or assigned time, please check with one of the Shift Managers.  They are there to help and guide you. 

Closer to Adjudication and Show dates we will advise you by email of your assigned shifts. We will not phone you unless we have questions about your registration.

We look forward to reconnecting with all of last year’s wonderful volunteers and meeting new people. Pass the word and thank you!!!