2015 Gallery

People’s Choice Award 2015

‘Summer Shadows – Saanich Inlet’ by Kirsten T.O. Sheffield

The prize winners for the Sidney Fine Art Show 2015 are:

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Best in Show

Sponsored by Re/Max Victoria:

‘Jelly Bloom’ by Shelley Wuitchik

Best Work- Master’s Category

Sponsored by the 2015 Sidney Fine Art Show Organizing Committee:

‘A Study of Mandarin’ by Johannes Landman

Show Designer’s Choice

Sponsored by the 2015 Sidney Fine Art Show Organizing Committee:

‘Valley by the Sea’ by Deborah Tilby

Jurors Choice Sara Genn

Sponsored by Red Art Gallery:

‘Vibrations’ by Heather Corbitt


‘Withdrawn’ by Mel Williamson

Jurors Choice Nick Tuele

Sponsored by Ian C. Morley Law Corporation:

‘Hang on Hopalong’ by Anne Boquist

‘Diving Loon’ by Patricia MacLeod

Best Photograph/Photo-Based Media

Sponsored by Bartlett Tree Services and the Mary Winspear Centre:

‘Venice Architecture Biennale’ by Birgit Bateman

Best Work on Paper or Under Glass

Sponsored by The Market Stores:

‘Butchart’s Begonias’ by Marney Ward

Best Work on Canvas or Board

Sponsored by Island Blue Art & Graphic Supply:

‘Touchy Clementine’ by Cristina Goia

Best 3-Dimensional

Sponsored by Maximus BC Health:

‘Brown Pelican’ by Carolyn Houg

Colin Graham Award for Innovative Work

Sponsored by Victoria Airport Authority:

‘Summer Shadows – Saanich Inlet’ by Kirsten T.O. Sheffield

Juror’s Choice Anne Hudec

Sponsored by Red Art Gallery:

‘Honey I’m Home’ by Catherine Moffat
‘Two By Two’ by Deborah Tilby

Two-by-Two  TILBEY


Birgit Bateman “Big Leaf Maple and Me”
Colin Bowley “The Old Wagon”
Barbara Burns “Portrait of a Sandhill Crane”
Keith Cains “Family Elephant”
Kathy Cameron “Lilacs in the Rain”
Kathy Cameron “A Watchful Eye”
Mary Conley “Stitch in Time”
Lydia Dagg “Not Ours to Lose”
Amy J. Dyck “The Edges of Summer”
Sherley Gordon Edey  “Far and Wide I & II”
Ian Faulks “Transformation”
Leslie Gregory-Morgan “There Was a Crooked House”
Lisa Hebden “A Light Wind”
Caren Heine “Hidden Dahlias”
Jennifer Heine “Exposure”
Alan Hopper “Banana Boat Reflecting”
Alan Hopper “Orange Buoys Reflecting”
Carolyn Houg “Blue-footed Booby”
Derek Kasper “Mother’s Memory”
Reynold Knowlton “Pumpkin Fog – Saanich”
Kasumi Lampitoc “Creamer”
Frank Licsko “The Salish Sea”
Soleil Mannion “Oak Bay”
Soleil Mannion “Maenad Wild”
Sheila Mather “Nestlings”
Cindy Mersky “Film Noire”
Mimi Roy “Silver Garden”
Mimi Roy “Extraction”
Karin Schieber “A Dream”
Doreen Schneider “Russet Delight”
Richard Shaw “Bullet-proof Bear”
Melissa Caron “Serendipity, Love of my Life”
Melissa Caron “Decadence” Ring
Wendy Simson “Northern Lights”
Merlayna Snyder “Sunburst”
Veronica Stewart “Diamond Euphorbia”
Susan Teece “Four Sisters”
E. Colin Williams “Signs of Spring”
Mike Wooding “Puffin Stuff”