2016 Gallery

People’s Choice Award 2016

Sponsored by Community Arts Council of the Saanich Peninsula

‘Welcome Home’ by Jen Wright


The prize winners for the Sidney Fine Art Show 2016 are:

Best in Show

Sponsored by Re/Max Victoria:

‘Harmony’ by Glen Melville

Best Work- Master’s Category

Sponsored by Red Art Gallery:

‘Mother & Pup Sea Otters’ by Craig Benson

Show Designer’s Choice

Sponsored by Mary Winspear Centre:

‘Angst’ by Catherine Moffat

Jurors Choice Harold Allanson

Sponsored by Community Arts Council of the Saanich Peninsula:

‘Some Considerations’ by Carol Koebbemann


‘Fisherman’s Wharf’ by Peter Loebel

Jurors Choice Ann Hudek

Sponsored by Ian C. Morley Law Corporation:

‘Rhythm of the Moons’ by Linda Carswell-Bland

‘Goodnight Sweet Satellite’ by Patrick MCallum

Best Photograph/Photo-Based Media

Sponsored by Bartlett Tree Experts:

‘Frozen in Time’ by Eve Pollard

Best Work on Paper or Under Glass

Sponsored by The Market Stores:

‘In Stripes’ by Peter Loebel

Best Work on Canvas or Board

Sponsored by Island Blue Art Store:

‘White Boats on a Beach’ by Deborah Tilby

Best 3-Dimensional

Sponsored by Tanner’s Books:

‘Welcome Home’ by Jen Wright

Colin Graham Award for Innovative Work

Sponsored by Victoria Airport Authority:

‘Bear #7 The Golden Age’ by Richard Shaw

Juror’s Choice Dianna Ponting

Sponsored by Live Young Medical:

‘Perched Barn Owl’ by Sharon Lennox

‘Lipstick Two’ by Glen Langston



Jane Biggs “Rising Sun”
Sandy Bligh “Crusin’ ”
Barrie Baptie “In the Eye of the Beholder”
Barrie Baptie “Starburst”
Janis Blyth “For the Softer Palate”
Colin E. Bowley “The Music Man”
Neil Fatin “Maple Bay Serenity”
Ian Faulks “Mekong Fisherman”
Leslie Gregory-Morgan “Curtain Call”
Paul Harder  “Crouching Octopus”
Carol Heine “Rhodos Hollyhocks”
William Hintz “Fisherman’s Wharf”
Carol Koebbemann “Calm Within the Storm”
Diane MacDonald “Fugitive Beauty”
Dennis McMahon “Road to Steptoe Butte”
Catherine Moffat “The Lemon Bucket”
Andre Prevost “Kwatgiutl Ancestor Totem”
Richard Shaw “A Flash of Silver”
Shayne Stadnick “Fog Lip”
Sandy Terry “Peony Pirouettes”
Deborah Tilby “Sunday Morning”
Serena J. Trinder “The Blue Raj”