Submission Guidelines

  • Pieces can be two or three dimensional, in any medium.
  • Up to three (3) pieces per artist are permitted. Diptychs and Triptychs are considered one piece and all together must be within the maximum allowable size dimensions for a single entry.
  • Maximum size for 2-D work is 7 ft. high x 7 ft. wide and must include the frame in the total measurement.
  • Maximum size for 3-D work is up to 10 ft. high.
  • Artists submitting heavy pieces must provide assistance for moving artwork in and out of the venue.
  • Artwork must be original work by the artist named on the Entry Form, completed within the past 2 years and not previously exhibited on Vancouver Island south of Duncan, B.C.
  • Artwork that has previously been awarded a prize in any other art show anywhere will NOT be accepted.
  • All artwork submitted must be available for sale with a minimum price of $250.00.
  • For Adjudication, all work must be completed and ready for display. Jurors will consider all submitted work as finished.
  • Accepted work cannot be altered in any way following Adjudication.
  • Accepted artwork is not to be sold prior to the Show.
  • Class work, reproductions or copies will not be accepted.
  • Outstanding artists who have won “Best Work” prizes in two or more Sidney Fine Art Shows will be considered in the Masters Category only and are not eligible for other category prizes.
  • Digital media work must be based on original images created by the artist.
  • Limited Editions: Hand generated, digital and photographic prints, cast sculpture, etc. will be accepted ONLY if they are original and in limited editions of not more than 25.  All such work must be identified with the total number of editions of the piece plus the method of producing the work.  In addition, this must be the first time the work has been exhibited and none of the editions should have been sold prior to the Show.



  • The Sidney Fine Art Show provides security on all artwork submitted during Adjudication and Show.
  • The Show organizers and volunteers are instructed to take the utmost care when handling all artwork. The Sidney Fine Art Show is not to be held responsible for any damage that may occur while the artwork is being displayed for Adjudication or presented in the Show.
  • If any work is deemed to be in violation of any of these Submission Guidelines, the Sidney Fine Art Show reserves the right to remove such work from Adjudication or the Show.

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